Sunday nights…

As the remnants of the weekend pass, I pour a glass of red and begin to type…

Where to begin, I ask myself… as I lose track of the number of times I’ve tried to start a blog. A combination of trying to find the right WordPress theme, procrastination and fear always seemed to creep in. Trying to find the right voice in my first post, wondering if my sub-heading is cool enough, or worrying about my 2nd post (or 20th for that matter), seem to always get in the way.

And therein lies the problem….

We become so fixated on outcomes. Perfect, imagined, final outcomes, that we never give ourselves a chance to start. We create ideals in our heads. Untouched masterpieces, that know none of the blood, swear and tears that go into creating it. Rushed from conception to completion, in our minds eye, in a matter of seconds. Worry about meeting non-existent expectations and letting the fear of being seen to start from the bottom, seem to prevent us from starting at all.

And so, I find myself on the most motivating day of the week, the day before a Monday, feeling compelled to do something I don’t often do… just starting. With reckless abandon, without trying to calculate the pros and cons, and not trying to envisage too many steps down the line.

Call it a leap of faith or pulling my finger out of my proverbial backside.

I’m just putting digital ink to digital paper, for fucks sake.

Or call it a commitment. To anyone who listens (yes, reads)…

I’m not 100% sure why I feel compelled to share my thoughts, musings, experiences in a public forum, a digital platform. But I do know I’ve had too many conversations with different people, friends and family, who needed a dusting of the shoulders, with no where to look for a beacon of light in in a seemingly darkening world. Just needing a few reaffirming words and to be sent on their merry way.

And so, here we are.

What will this blog be about? I’m not sure.

What are my expectations? Consistency.

What do I hope to achieve? As cliché as it sounds, my only hope is to share one bit of wisdom that may help change someone’s perspective for the better. To hopefully, if not serendipitously, provide someone with a cause for action.

Now, I’m not I’m writing this from a place of success or some bullshit form of inner peace. In fact, it’s far from it… I’m on a path, a journey if you will. To where? I don’t know. Though if I can drag someone with me, imparting some tiny tid-bid of knowledge along the way, that was not otherwise known, that could help another human being, then consider my work done.

From the road less travelled,







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